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Director of Grants

Company: Newman University
Date Posted: June 23, 2017

To apply, please visit our online portal (LINK).


Occupational Summary

The Director of Grants is responsible for the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of foundations, corporations, and government agencies that can, or already do, support Newman University.


Work Performed:

  1. Organize and participate in committees, workgroups, and campus activities that increase personal knowledge of subjects/projects appropriate for foundation and corporate grants or government support. 
  2. Collaborate with administration, faculty, and staff to meet grant funding goals of the institution by identifying appropriate project personnel, convening planning sessions, scheduling project development, coordinating and monitoring project progress, editing or writing proposal components, organizing project support documents, distributing draft proposals for review, implementing modifications, securing work group approvals, submitting of proposals, and following up once submitted to funding organization.
  3. Assist in the planning of visits to foundations, corporations, and governmental agencies by University representatives.
  4. Work with VP of University Advancement and Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving to develop and assist in initiatives designed to grow Newman’s Annual and Endowment Funds.
  5. Support faculty and staff by providing information regarding grant resources and deadlines.
  6. Discuss institutional priorities and faculty interests with Provost, VP of University Advancement and relevant faculty and staff to assist in the identification of possible grant proposals.
  7. Meet with Vice President for University Advancement and Provost to determine project priorities and the need for support and allocation of other resources.
  8. Track, complete and submit (or coordinate with relevant members of the administration, faculty or staff and the business office) all follow-up reports required after the receipt of any grant for the University.
  9. Research foundation, corporate, and government funding sources and prospects in response to current and future institutional priorities and needs.
  10. Identify promising opportunities and write outstanding proposals that result in positive program and institutional outcomes.
  11. Provide thoughtful, consistent and appropriate stewardship.
  12. Create and maintain an index of key local, regional and national foundations, corporate, and government funding sources.
  13. Follow up through telephone and e-mail on grant requests, or when appropriate through personal contact.
  14. Other duties as assigned, including crafting proposals to individuals when required.



  1. Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred.
  2. Thorough understanding of the value of a liberal arts and sciences education and be able to articulate that understanding.
  3. Must possess outstanding writing skills.
  4. Strong organizational skills and attention to planning.
  5. Experience in foundation/corporate/government fundraising.
  6. Ability to work independently on complex projects and yet maintain close connection with co-workers.
  7. Ability to develop strategies to achieve fundraising goals, analyze results, and adjust plans to reflect those results.
  8. Possess integrity and demonstrate professionalism.

To apply, please visit our online portal (LINK).